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Full Testimony from Devin

I came to Texas with my mom for the week to take care of some business outside of church but anytime we come to the Houston area, we always come to Bride for Sunday service. First off, God's goodness isn't even the best way I can describe what happened that Sunday. Todd Edwards did very well at going into a depth of God's mind and design of reality. Then, the mens group had a meeting after service. I am so glad that I stayed for that because we were able to get into some very deep things with the group. Towards the middle, Dan was doing some prayers and we got some very interesting results from that. I vocalized what I was experiencing. I guess I decided to open myself up more. That basically turned into Dan doing a mini session with me while everyone else  watched.  It is one thing to hear about coaching someone from interviews or conversations but actually seeing it and going through it is another thing. I am glad the guys who came saw this because hopefully it'll give the courage for the guys to take the next steps to receive the wholeness that God has for them all. Part of the mini session: When Dan started praying for me specifically, I saw a literal door open on the right side of my head because Dan was sitting on the right side of me, and I saw part of him standing there. It was really cool to see because it was super bright and white on the other side of the door. Then I was giving the trauma and hurt to Jesus as Dan was walking me through it. There was a lot of crying and what not but towards the end I was able to give a lot of the pain and trauma to Jesus right then and there. God definitely set the entire thing up, no question. I am sure my spirit had something to do with it as well. So, thank you Jesus for all that you have done for me and those in the meeting that day! "I love the LORD, because He has heard
My voice and my supplications." Psalms 116:1

Full Testimony from Sally

My glasses went missing and I couldn't find them anywhere at home, outside or in the car. I realised they had been in my jacket pocket when I went out, but weren't there now. I retraced my steps through a whole shopping center and other places I had visited - all to no avail. I engaged my finder and asked for the exact coordinates of the glasses to be made known and the angels notified and sent to retrieve them and return them to me. A couple of days later upon returning from an early morning walk, I was telling my friend on the phone about how my glasses were missing. At that very moment, I was standing at the gate to the apartment complex where I live and happened to glance up and see my glasses hanging on the gate! I had walked through that gate many times in the last few days, including when I left to go walking that morning, but hadn't seen them. Praise God for His wonderful answer to prayer and for His ministering angels!

Full Testimony from Viola

-Angel Encounter During Daniel's Prayer Sunday, November 26, 2023- 
As soon as Dan started praying the activation to start seeing the angels I saw a huge purple butterfly. I was afraid but I felt it would be ok, so I went for it.  as soon as I came into contact with it I transported into another realm. It was very bright but I could hear someone asking for help. It was surreal. I walked into a barn house where an angel was chained to a pole.  I took out my sword but when I tried to cut the chain something else happened. I came into contact with him he showed me who he was. He had a huge gold hammer and he said he breaks hard things in the heart (sounded like heart breaker ha!). Mind you he is still chained talking to me! My sword couldn’t break the chain. It’s hard to put into words what this communication was like but the easiest way for me to describe is in very child friendly language. He said I won’t lose him again if I read Gods word. THEN Dan started mentioning that some angels are in captivity;  I just started crying because I knew this encounter was real. You can’t make this stuff up! At this point in Dan's prayer his chain was broken and I saw it fall and evaporate on the floor. As the prayer continued I saw a whole city light up and I saw many angels in it—the city was made of angels. As it lit up I saw the whole city all together and it was one giant angel called Destiny! 
I’m looking forward to learn more about them. Thank you Dan!

Full Testimony shared on Sunday, February 18th, 2024

This is in reference to Pastor Alex Valero’s video on “Lawless Love”.


When I was young (I’m in my 60s now), I had a vision of a mature, gigantic tree with all the roots able to be seen underground. I heard the scripture Eph 3:14-21. Little did I know I would embark on a long, long road of this scripture. The most glorious height of my first love, Jesus. Nothing could ever describe such beautiful and exquisite love. One of the most valuable, powerful, and grounding balances of His love, put so wisely and simply is, “love is not lawless” as Pastor Alex said. I had an encounter a few years ago where I was taken into a place of fire, brilliant light, the blood of Jesus,  and intense power. I asked where I was, and I was told, “in the fullness of God”.  The love was so intense, there was nothing but God. I had nothing I could think, sense, or feel, but God Himself.  I had to live out, Love is not lawless. I thank you so much, for such a wise and beautiful message and warning. It brought a strong bonding to my life and experience up to now.

Full Testimony from Celina shared on Sunday, December 31st, 2023

Revelation‬ ‭3‬:‭20‬ ‭‬‬
“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”

I don’t believe this is just the final call as we are so often taught, especially because Yeshua doesn’t operate in time like we do. I believe that Yeshua stands at the door and knocks daily. 

This Bride Tribe Advance was my first to attend and it unlocked some levels for me.  The last 4 or 5months, I’ve been using Daniel’s books and teachings to propel my healing and break chains. Things were moving along nicely with feedback during fellowship with Yeshua, my Spirit, my angels and, at times, a couple of trusted bride tribe members. 

During the Advance, my spirit detected something about leviathan that I shared with a couple of people I thought may understand where I was coming from; and not long after, I started getting some backlash. As I prayed and leaned into Yeshua, I was told I needed one more key to make this leap and the spirit of Python was starting to constrict my chest to where it was getting difficult to breathe and I was not having any of that business. Yeshua highlighted my friend and Bride Tribe coach who was about 20 ft from me and I blurted words at her which I was very surprised she understood. 

She did not hesitate to go to the courts of heaven on my behalf. After a few short moments crying and coughing (me not my coach), our spirits began to laugh as Leviathon was divorced and python was evicted. 

I want to encourage you to reach out to someone who has the keys to unlock the next level. Don’t wait for your own keys. Yeshua uses many situations to weave us together into His heavenly fabric that begets our garments of praise. 

Don’t be afraid of the changes that will occur in your life because Yeshua’s love covers all that and more. 
Be afraid of what won’t happen if you don’t walk through the door. 
Also, don’t worry about blubbering outwardly all over yourself during deliverance because if you’re honest with yourself, you’re already blubbering in the closet. 

The process isn’t necessarily fun, but the results immeasurably outweigh the captivity you’re living in. You are the landlord, and if you don’t like the tenants, start the eviction process immediately. 


Full Testimony from Lauren shared on Sunday, November 26th, 2023

This years BrideTribe Advance was so incredible! Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the 2023 Advance but I was able to attend online. It felt like the cup at the Advance was so full that the glory spilt over to those watching online. Whatever heavenly realms and portals opened up at the Advance has blessed my family!

My husband who is normally a skeptic about supernatural things started talking about angels engaging in his work place. I have felt a breakthrough in my husband which I have been praying for years to happen! My children's spirits started bringing in supernatural joy into our home and it has ministered to both my husband and I's souls. Everyday since the Advance started I've been contacted by people I haven't spoken to in years asking for prayers and reconnecting lost contact with each other. There seems to be a window of reconciliation that has opened in my friends and family circles that I know the Lord wants to bring together. All of this has happened in one week and honestly I have been overwhelmed by the abundant fruits of the BrideTribe Advance. But I am giving God all the glory for these fruits and I'm looking forward to this next season! Thank you Dan, Alex, Todd, Todd and Rachel for your teachings. I'm very proud to call you my fellow Co-Heirs in Christ.

Full Testimony from Will shared on Sunday, October 29th


On October 6th, 2023, the Lord healed my heart.

For the last few months, when I laid down at night, I would feel heart palpitations and a feeling of my heart skipping a beat from time to time. It would also beat harder than it should have been.

The morning of my healing, I was engaged against a spiritual stronghold of my life with Jesus, my spirit man, and an angel who commanded an angel army. The angel wielded a thin gold spear. As the angel army was attacking the stronghold, my spirit man and I were praising the Lord. Suddenly, the angel commander pierced my spirit man’s heart from the back with his spear. A beam of light shot out of my spirit man’s chest and struck the stronghold, collapsing it. I physically felt the piercing in my back behind my heart. It felt like my heart had opened. That night, I experienced no palpitations or other symptoms, and I haven’t since then.

The Lord has since revealed to me that the stronghold was attached to my heart and that the piercing was necessary to separate it from me. The attachment was to my spirit, soul, and body, and so the hearts of all three were pierced and liberated. My heart is now calm and steady at night. Praise His name, He truly is Jehovah Rapha, the God Who Heals!

Full Testimony from Jodi shared on Sunday, October 15th, 2023

I have been dealing with vampiric witchcraft relentlessly for so many years but could never really secure a victory. A couple of weeks ago I prayed "God, I need silver bullets to kill them once and for all!"  My spirit knew the ammo I needed, and there you were with silver bullets and ammo and a body of believers which was what I believe I needed for finality over this all.

My story is extensive and detailed. Way too much to sum up shortly, but I wanted you to know how much your ministry and church service has helped me over the years. I have received SO much deliverance and it will continue BUT today when I listened, you literally delivered the silver bullets I needed to kill this vampiric coven.  You have just NO idea how much that meant for me. Thank you for calling it out & for all that you do & for continued obedience. Also, to your team and congregation. I knew it was a corporate agreement that really helped cut the head off this thing in my life, once and for all!

I am very grateful & to God be ALL the Glory!



Full Testimony from Mingly shared on Sunday, October 8th, 2023

I started my walk with the Lord in 1996. The Lord found me in a very scary and sad place. There were many supernatural occurrences that I could not freely share because no-one would believe me. To be honest, I had a hard time trying to make sense of them.  King Jesus showed me Himself, my need for the repentance of my sins, and the need to dispose all the metaphysics books I had in my possession. He showed me His sacrifice on the cross for me, all by Himself, without human intervention. He did all these things through a radio program, a book, and a vision that brought me to my knees asking Him for forgiveness.

Then another miracle happened. A friend of the family invited me to a Christian church.  For the first time in my life, I was invited to a Christian church where I saw people dancing during worship, speaking in tongues, and prophesying.  I had no idea what was that about. I was raised as a Catholic and even graduated from high school from a private Catholic school.  I had never stepped in a Christian church before, but I was ready to start my journey with Christ. I experienced the first love mentioned in Revelation 2:4. I started reading the book of Ecclesiastes, and from there nothing could stop me to read the entire book. I decided to start attending a non-denominational church where I got baptized.  That is a story in itself, but I would like to fast forward to the moment I had been already walking with the Lord for 12 years.  

At this point in my spiritual journey I had already experienced nightmares that would freeze me up, visions of demons getting on my bed to oppress me, attempts to fit in the body of Christ with a broken heart, open doors to darkness that I could not close, and a deep sense of concern, out of my observations, of the lack of commitment in the congregation to study the Word.  I would ask questions that no-one would answer. I was sincerely desperate for the right direction, but not one person would explain the real meaning of freedom in Christ, freedom from the occult, blood line renunciation, or even a convincing explanation of why we, believers, are not stepping on the devil to place it under our feet as the Word of God says we should.  Questions like, "What do you do when you see what seems to be a ball of light coming at you, laughing hysterically, in the middle of the night, trying to get inside of you or inside your child torturing you with terror?"  Who can explain how and why immediately after closing your eyes to get some rest, just after spending hours travailing in prayer and crying out to the Lord on behalf of a loved one suffering from depression, your spirit is taken out of your body at an extremely high speed to receive what seemed to be the living water of the Lord and hear the Father say, "Beg for the Holy Spirit."  The answers were in the Word of God and I thank the Lord for guiding me to each one of them, but I always felt the need to share these extraordinary events with other believers without being labeled as "weird" or receiving the silent treatment.  

Bride Ministries International is the place where I have found loving believers with personal and powerful encounters with the Lord willing to hear others and share their battles with the world of darkness, without judging but instead rejoicing within for the wonderful God we have. Never in my life had I expected to be directed to a ministry like this and I truly thank my Lord, my King, and Savior for His goodness.  I have learned so much in the past year and I have come to understand so much about the power of the right language in prayer, plus the importance of our human spirit, plus the royal identity we have in Christ that I truly do not have any time to dwell on past mistakes.  All because of the heart of a Good Father, the passion and commitment of a Perfect Son, and the power of Holy Spirit for His children, His creation, and His Kingdom. Blessed is the name of the LORD!

Full Testimony from Samantha shared on Sunday, October 2nd, 2023

Thank you for the opportunity to share my testimony!

My first ever exposure to Daniel's teachings was 'Explaining the Arche.’ It was altogether wonderful and a complete shock at the same time. Somehow, I knew I had awakened spiritually for the first time despite being born again at 17 (I'm now 32).

I threw myself into all the teachings and books and prayers and became so desperate to absorb as much as possible. When I heard, Daniel was coming to South African in February I just about fainted.

After the conference and meeting Daniel and Christian I was on an all-time spiritual high!  But only 3 days later, a major trauma struck my family.  We live on a small farm that is right on a main road in South Africa, and unfortunately, we became first responders to an extremely graphic truck accident which sent my husband and I reeling through PTSD for several months.  With a lot of counseling and Daniel's prayers and understanding that 'The Heart Matters' we have mostly overcome this trauma. But I hit a dead spot for quite a while until I was introduced to teaching on the Courts of Heaven.

Once I had worked through almost 18 hours of webinar videos about the Courts of Heaven, I decided I wanted to approach the courts for deliverance of my mountain. Prior to this my Arche had been delivered at the end of the Explaining the Arche series. Due to the exchange rate, I could not afford more teaching through BMI, so I decided I would approach the courts and ask for help.  The deliverance of my mountain was permitted in this session. It was so beautifully freed from a generational iniquity of pride in my bloodline. After this I felt stirred to ask for the delivery of my star. I knew there was a prayer in Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth, but I knew it required activation by someone who already had the use of their arche, mountain and star.  Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who could help with this activation.

But the Lord was gracious to me and said begin reading the prayer, so I did.  As I started, I heard an angel announce that Daniel has entered the court session. His spirit stood right next to me before the Just Judge and said that he will facilitate the deliverance of the star.  He then proceeded to read the prayer with me. I saw in that time a very large entity flee from my star and disappear through a black hole in the cosmos.  I then saw a huge explosion of my star and many colours were released in a fiery explosion. 

It was magnificent and I wept for a long time after this encounter.  The Judge thanked Daniel in a very fatherly way and then Daniel left. 

It is by far one of the most profound deliverances I have experienced!

All glory and honour and praise to God the Father. When your deliverance is at hand nothing can stop it! 

Many Thanks and blessings!