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Join us LIVE every Sunday at 10 am CST and catch the restream at 7 pm CST. At the BRIDE Ministries Church, we have created an online platform that fosters genuine community. Hang out with real people and get the opportunity to interact with Dan Duval weekly during this live event. At BRIDE Ministries Church, you will receive cutting-edge teaching while also getting the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.



BRIDE Ministries International

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  1. Jerusha Azjita Apr 25, 2022

    Hello Bride
    i will be there sept. 2nd. for the weekend in katy. is there any way i can come with my teenagers to the friday night worship time? we will be getting a hotela nd then coming to the sunday services as well. thanks so much. Much Love. and Shalom
    [email protected]