DID Waiting List Course Qualification Form

This qualification form determines your enrollment to the Coaching Scholarship Course within the BRIDE Ministries Institute. Completion of the course grants your eligibility to be added to the Official Waiting List and receive a coaching scholarship. 

Read everything below, Fill out form details, Email confirming documents.

About DID Coaching
Applying for a DID Coaching Scholarship through BRIDE Ministries International is an opportunity to receive education assistance if you have been subjected to the various causes of Dissociative Identity Disorder and, due to financial constraints, cannot afford to finance your own help. This program is named DID Coaching because it is not a counseling service. Not all of our ministers are licensed counselors. This effort is being undertaken by men and women of God that understand how to partner with Jesus Christ in order to help people get free from the bondage of Dissociative Identity Disorder. This process will involve inner healing, deliverance, and practical strategies for more effective daily living.

The process for applying to this scholarship program involves several steps. The first step (1) is to fill out this enrollment qualification. Please understand that at the outset of this process, not everyone that seeks qualification for enrollment will receive it. The second step (2) is to work through the entire course. This course is on a drip-receipt enrollment, meaning the free content will unlock after a number of days pass. This gives the enrolled applicant plenty of time to genuinely work through the course content. Completion of all course content is MANDATORY to receive a Coaching Scholarship. The third step (3) is wait patiently. It could take a few weeks to assign your coach. Once assignment is made (4) the signing of a contract with a Trained and Selected DID coach. This contract will typically have a beginning and end date. When the contract ends, there will be an mandatory feedback assessment by both the coach and the client. 
Please email your most recent check stub, tax document, or other supporting document that confirms your financial situation to [email protected] to complete your qualification form
The primary reasons why we decline help to people are as follows. If it is determined that you do not have dire financial constraints, we will advise you to book a private session with a coach as a self-funded client. We will also decline intake forms that fail to provide significant evidence of Dissociative Identity Disorder symptomology. While we do not diagnose DID in any person, we do look for evidence of its symptomology in the applications that we receive. Demonic oppression alone does not qualify as DID symptomology. While there may be other reasons we decline help to applicants, these are the two most common. Please take the last two questions seriously. Thank you!